Competitions: are open to the public so anyone may attend them!

Being a taxidermist comes with many opportunities to better yourself and your work. Each state has their own taxidermy association with many members who compete in the main competition, and some smaller competitions through out the year.

I compete at the Ohio Taxidermy Championships.

 April 2015 I competed at the Ohio Taxidermy Chanmpionships and took my two headed calf/chicken, a pheasant, a squirrel pedestal and a 3 inch round goby. I won the Presidents Challenge with my two headed calf, which was categorized as "Out of the Box". 2nd place on my chicken, 3rd on the calf, 2nd on my Goby, 4th on my squirrel, 1st place on my calf/chicken base, and 2 place in the competitors award which I also recieved $150. It was a fantastic year, and a great learning experience. With talking to the president and judges, "all of our critiques, you take to heart, and each year you excell with what we tell you, in the next few years, you may be judging our habitat category!!" I cannot wait till next year and the challenges that await me! Next years Presidents

There are multiple categories and levels to choose from upon entering the competition: youth, novice, professional, master and master of master. I compete in the Professional level with the other taxidermists who have the advantage, because they have been working for many years more then me. Also the competition is statewide and anyone can enter. The judging is very critical and smallest error will cost you your ribbon. In birds they look for strength in wires, how well the animal is attached to the base, color of painted feet/bills, eye rings, levelness of body, head level with ground, position of feet and if they’re injected, position of neck, how they’re placed on base, etc.   On mammals they look for lines of symmetry in fur, smoothness of hair, any crinkles in the skin, how plump feet are, placement of ears, are their eyes even, are they looking the right way, is their nose pad evenly placed on the form, is there any drumming, are their claws positioned right for the base they’re on, etc.

Also each competition that I compete in my entrees may be extra animals that I have in my freezer that are for sale, so if you're interested in seeing what animals I may have then give me a call and I'll get you some pictures of what I have!