I will also buy taxidermy mounts, misc. that your liquidating at large quantities, from squirrels to lifesize bears and up.

Items for sale

  • Two Lifesize Calf Skins, can be mounted upon request. One is brown and white and the other is black and white.
  • Lifesize Grey Kangaroo Skin, can be mounted upon request.
  • Lifesize Hyena Skin, can be mounted upon request.
  • If there's anything specific you'd like to find or have let me know and I'll check if I can get it, whether its a whole scene with an African predator taking down it's prey, or if it's just a simple gator for your man cave. Anything and everything is out there, get ahold of me and I'll see what I can do for you!

  • Outdoor life has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl, and as I got older I always wanted to find a way to incorporate my passion for the outdoors with everyday life. I tried my hand at taxidermy at a very young age and found not only a natural talent but an inner satisfaction.

    1 Lucky Shot Taxidermy has been an ongoing business since 2003 and growing steadily thanks to my customers. They’ve helped me to create an exquisite portfolio throughout the years, which has greatly affected my position in the community. My earlier creations such as the practice of rodents, have taught me the intricate patience needed as an entrepreneur and to be a successful taxidermist. Being a fellow outdoors women, my job to you as hunters, anglers and outdoor extremists is to introduce you to the art of wildlife and how it can intensify your outdoor experiences.